On January 9, 2002, Johnna McClure was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer . . .

After an amicable divorce from her husband of twenty- five years, Johnna found herself in a position to redefine her future. She returned to school and received her bachelor’s degree at the age of forty-nine, pursued her dream job, bought her own home, fell in love, and eventually moved to another town. Life was good—very good.

After a wonderful Christmas spent with her family, Johnna experienced severe bloating and discomfort; she was miserable. A CT scan revealed ovarian cancer, stage IV. Johnna immediately began treatment and took the first step on a nine-year journey that would take her through surgery, chemo, remission, and a relapse that would once again change her entire world.

This is a story of hope, determination, endurance, and survival, but most of all, it is a story of faith—both in God and the medical community, as well as the sustaining power of a family’s love.

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